Ventana Fort Worth

Ventana Fort Worth Background Information and Features

Ventana is a 492-acre area and is a master-planned community. It has beautiful fields to the west and an impressive Fort Worth skyline down east. Ventana Fort Worth is close to many excellent amenities and well-priced homes, making it a community worth settling into. Ventana features big-name builders such as Perry Homes, Meritage Homes, Trophy Signature Homes, and Tri Pointe Homes. Each developer has designated zones and plans for their developments. For example, Meritage Homes have houses ranging from 1,659 to 3,100 square feet in Ventana. On the other hand, Perry Homes has plans for homes on 50′ and 60′ lot sizes in Ventana, Fort Worth. Each house has a lot of space inside, expansive bedrooms, and living rooms. They also have beautiful lawns, gardens, or patios where your children can play. In addition, every house has a big yard. And it’s private because of the fences all around it.

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Fort Worth Ventana Schools

There are several reasons to move into the Ventana Community. But the most important reason for parents is that Ventana Benbrook schools are accessible near the neighborhood. Ventana is the only master-planned community within the Fort Worth Independent School District, with all K – 12 schools in an attendance zone ranking at the top of performance ratings. Ventana students attend Westpark Elementary school and then move on to Benbrook Middle-High School. These two schools are very close to Ventana, and they’re next door to each other, so it’s effortless for people who live in Ventana to go there. Ventana residents also get to take advantage of new and improved school facilities. Top-ranked Benbrook Schools can provide your kids with the best quality of education. In addition, it can help your children get into college and be successful in life. Families live near each other, and their kids attend the same school. So, students grow up together. Having a place where your kids feel safe and comfortable is essential. In Ventana, teachers work hard to help their students do well in school. They also care about what happens with them outside of school because they want their students to be happy.

Amenities at the Ventana

The Ventana neighborhood has lots of things you can do. There are grills outside where you can make your food, and there’s an event lawn so people can have picnics and barbecues. There’s also a massive swimming pool with water slides. You can go on walks around the property, too, if you want to get some exercise. In the future, there there are plans to have more good things to do and places to go. Residents have great views of downtown Fort Worth and the lake at Benbrook. They also live in open lands where they can be alone when they want to be. There are many places to go outside and play, like swimming at Benbrook Lake, golfing at WhiteStone Golf Club, or playing in one of the many parks around town. Families in Ventana can enjoy living next door to all the shopping, dining, and entertainment Fort Worth offers.

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