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Introducing “The Chirping Moms”

Mothers who can reinvent themselves have a unique place in my heart. I want to introduce you to Courtney Byrne, a mother from Cranford. She is a mothering superstar, raising four small kids while running a hugely successful blog and other unique social media platforms! A few years ago, Courtney and Julie Rogers, a previous resident of Cranford, started the blog “The Chirping Moms” at to “share a few of our experiences in the mommy world. Their site has gained popularity and praise around the country for its “daily activities with little ones, craft as well as recipe ideas, our favorite tried and true products, along with some great places to travel” content. Several publications have highlighted them, including Today Parents, Scary Mommy, Huffington Post Parents, Huffington Post Weddings, Honest to Nod (The Land of Nod), Have Family Will Travel (Four Seasons), and Have Family Will Travel.


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Know More about the Chirping Moms

To assist you in managing the Christmas season with your children while looking stunning, Courtney was kind enough to chat with me and discuss some of her preferred Christmas blog posts. About six and a half years ago, Courtney originally relocated to Cranford. She was a stay-at-home mother at the time and had tiny young ones. Before having children, Courtney enjoyed great success in the sales and marketing industry and gave her skills to non-profit organizations. She enjoyed working on the social media aspect of her career while she was at home looking after her small children. Courtney had recently relocated to South Union Avenue when she first met Julie Rogers, another mother. They eventually struck up a conversation and discovered that they shared a street. They began meeting for coffee and play dates, and like many mommy friendships in the making, they found they shared interests.



Four kids ran wild in the house on a rainy day, so the two buddies decided to establish a blog. It started as a “hobby” for the two to provide parenting advice, entertaining crafts for toddlers, and family activities evolved into an honest company! Their blog “The Chirping Moms” ( has a sizable following across the nation. They link with many sources of inspiration, ranging from significant companies to Etsy shops to weave into their blog entries and reviews. Moms (and dads) visit this gorgeous blog to get their daily fix of the cutest and sweetest entries. Please read every moving post on the website from the beginning if you are only starting to follow this blog. “Top Gift Ideas from American Girl” and “50 Favorite Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 6-8” are some of my favorites. This site covers various topics, including education, arts & crafts, toys, literature, learning, family travel, and trying out new activities at home and abroad.


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