Tall Pines Parkland FL Homes for Sale

Exquisite Tall Pines Parkland FL Homes for Sale

Tall Pines is a highly prestigious, gated community with 100 estate residences located in Parkland, Broward County, Florida, with a 24-hour security guard. There are two distinct areas for living: the north, where the more prominent homes sit on one-acre lots, and the south, where the smaller houses are on half-acre lots. Each home site has been thoughtfully developed to work in tandem with the natural splendor of the surrounding area. This private community is guarded by a guard 24 hours a day, providing additional protection for you and the people you care about the most in your life. Beyond the picturesque gatehouse is a group of beautifully landscaped homes in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood. Tall Pines Parkland FL Homes for Sale features a refined and understated aesthetic, in addition to all the up-to-date conveniences and amenities that today’s homebuyers desire. Here, luxury and the natural world combine to bring out the best in both.


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Tall Pines – Parkland Real Estate Facts

It is well known that Tall Pines is home to some of the most lavish residential properties in the world. These homes are highly desirable due to their posh amenities and convenient location. Buyers with an appreciation for a refined living can expect to pay anything from $640,000 to $2.90 million for one of these luxurious mansions. Mid- to large families can find comfortable quarters in these homes, which typically feature anywhere from five to seven bedrooms and four to nine bathrooms in various layouts. The floor plans have been thoughtfully constructed to provide a substantial amount of internal living space, ranging from 3,100 square feet to a spacious 10,000 square feet, ensuring that occupants have plenty of room. Lot sizes in Tall Pines range from around 0.20 acres to 1.39 acres, offering residents plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors in peace. These magnificent residential structures are a testament to decades of hard work and dedication and to the enduring beauty of their architects and designers.


Public Schools around Tall Pines – Parkland, FL

Those lucky enough to live in the quaint neighborhood of Tall Pines can choose from a wide variety of excellent public schools that meet the specific needs of their children. Schools like Park Trails Elementary, Westglades Middle, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High can be found nearby. These prestigious institutions are known for providing a well-rounded education to pupils from kindergarten through senior year. Park Trails Elementary prepares students with a solid grounding in the basics, and Westglades Middle is an important stepping stone on their educational path. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is the last step on the academic ladder, and its graduates are well-prepared for whatever comes next. The educational infrastructure of Tall Pines rests squarely on the shoulders of its excellent public schools. Each student receives the attention and resources they need to succeed because of their unrelenting commitment to academic success, holistic growth, and individualized education. These schools lay the groundwork for a thriving future for the people of Tall Pines by investing in developing young minds and encouraging a lifelong love of study.


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