Southern Arizona Land for Sale

Southern Arizona land for sale

The southernmost part of Arizona, known as Southern Arizona, is a region in the United States. Gadsden, which means “Lower Arizona” in Spanish, is another name for this place. Southern Arizona is a captivating blend of exotic scenery and Wild West mythology, thanks to its vibrant binational culture, biodiverse “sky island” mountains, and abundance of character-rich mining towns. There are many hidden gems in southern Arizona, such as the Wild West museum in Tombstone, stunning Southern Arizona land for sale, the quaint arts community of old Bisbee, and the dozens of communities famous for producing world-class wines. Southern Arizona is home to several significant national monuments dedicated to preserving the region’s natural beauty, wildlife, and archaeological sites, as well as the Saguaro National Park, which spans a massive area to the west and east of the Tucson metropolitan area. The area is home to many smaller mountain ranges, some of which are the Chiricahua Mountains and the Huachuca Mountains.

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860 Woodland Valley Ranch

Located amid the vast Woodland Valley Ranch, this property may be found in St. Johns, Arizona. This land for sale Southern AZ offers open landscapes, breathtaking scenery, and a plethora of native species are some of the reasons people flock here. Small ranchers and anyone seeking a more remote lifestyle will like its “off the grid” atmosphere. Magnificent scenery and the broad areas are yours to enjoy from this property. Great rolling, panoramic views, unparalleled in beauty and tranquility, characterize the place here. The association maintaining the roads across W.V.R. does a great job. This is ranch land, so there’s plenty of wildlife and opportunities for outdoor pursuits, including hunting, ATV riding, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, and more. Direct access to nearly 1200 acres of hunting territory is provided by the property’s proximity to 653 acres of Arizona State Trust Property to the east and 640 acres of B.L.M. Land to the south. The checkerboard pattern of these partitions is especially noteworthy. The result is a patchwork of state trust land, federal land, and private property. That implies this region has tens of thousands of acres of prime hunting territory.


Places to visit in Southern Arizona

With stunning land for sale in southern Arizona, you may wonder what to see and do there. The following is a selection of local attractions that you may find interesting.

Besh Ba Gowah Archeological Park and Museum: Besh Ba Gowah is a group of partially repaired stone ruins that also features a museum that houses what is supposedly the most extensive collection of Salado antiquities in the world.

Ramsey Canyon Preserve: The place contains vegetation, potential nesting locations, and feathered singers. The Arizona woodpecker, whiskered screech owl, painted redstart, and dusky-capped flycatcher are just a few of the local and migratory birds you could hear during a morning trek.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park: More than 3,900 species of plants from deserts around the world call this place home. Visit this tranquil oasis of 392 acres, established in 1924 by copper-mining billionaire and philanthropist William Boyce Thompson, and restore your senses with a peaceful stroll through its serene grounds.

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