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About Shelter Cove Real Estate: Hilton Head

Nowadays, properties are in demand in South Carolina, including the listings in Shelter Cove real estate: Hilton Head. Shelter Cove is a mixed-use community in the center of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Shelter Cove is rich in recreational sports and entertainment facilities and has more than nine hundred residential apartments. This town is a fantastic vacation spot for locals and visitors due to its abundance of stores, nightlife, theater, picnic spots, festivals, and water sports. Most beach areas have no entrance fees, so anyone can freely enjoy unwinding at the beach. The site has plenty of parking spaces, bike lanes, and walkways. You can also enjoy sampling new foods and cuisines through some of Shelter Cove’s restaurants. This way, you can taste delectable dishes from across the world. If you are a seafood lover, you will surely enjoy the freshness of seafood dishes. Regarding living, the shelter cove real estate: Hilton Head luxury houses have unique traits. The uniqueness of each unit will provide you with a variety of options to see which is perfect for you, whether you want a modern home for your extended family or a charming cottage for your little household.

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Active listings in Shelter Cove real estate market

You will encounter many options when you look for a Shelter Cove property for sale. Most offers are condominiums, but many single-family and a few multi-family subtypes exist. Here are some active listings in Shelter Cove Real Estate: Hilton Head market.

  • 9 Shelter Cove Lane: A residential condo property with a 2,023 square feet area. The unit is composed of three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It overlooks Shelter Cove and offers stunning sunset views. Throughout the summer, you can watch fireworks from the seclusion of your open-air balcony every Tuesday night.
  • 3 Shelter Cove Lane: This is a 1,150 square feet wide apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This is an affordable Shelter Cove property with many benefits. It showcases a stunning modern design. The unit is nicely furnished and refurbished with smooth ceilings, granite, and neutral grays.
  • 17 Harbourside Lane: A one-bedroom and two baths property that is 1,010 square feet. This is a spacious apartment for someone who lives alone. It is nearby Shelter Cove Marina, thus providing quick access to deep water, stores, restaurants, and the arts center.

Real Estate Details

The listings in Shelter Cove real estate: Hilton Head provides houses with prices ranging from $400 thousand to $2 million. Most properties have an average of three bedrooms and three to four bathrooms. The internal living space ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 square feet. Most Shelter Cove homes for sale were built between 1995 and 2006 by professional homebuilders in Hilton Head. Residential properties have a flat or unit type and two or three-story structural designs.

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