Pasadena Cafes

Your Ultimate Pasadena Guide: Pasadena Cafes and Restaurants!

The lovely city of Pasadena in Los Angeles County offers many top-notch dining establishments. It has approximately 650 restaurants ranging from fine dining to casual Pasadena cafes. In this article, we will focus on the gastronomical scene of Pasadena, which we will breakdown into three parts, starting with the best-serving meals:

  • Old Sasoon Bakery – Well-known for its Middle Eastern cuisine. You will enjoy fantastic food, freshly baked pastries and desserts, and warm hospitality,
  • Nick’s Pasadena – One of their distinctive starters is asparagus fries, which you may order alongside a salad or signature sandwich. They also provide a selection of flatbreads cooked in a traditional wood-burning oven.
  • The Arbour – A famous Pasadena restaurant that serves farm-to-table cuisine emphasizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It’s the place to be for an authentic California Meal.
  • Rodney’s Ribs – Providing Pasadena with the best meats and barbecues since 2014. They serve perfectly smoked meaty racks, spare ribs, and rib tips with handmade seasonings.
  • Parkway Grill – The Parkway Grill has been around since 1984 and serves delicious Californian meals. It’s in a beautiful location, well-decorated, and has a welcoming vibe, a well-stocked bar, and walls adorned with stunning artwork.


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Pasadena Cafes Dessert Spots for Sweet Tooths!

  • Motto Tea Cafe – An excellent, chill destination for piping hot tea, cool boba beverages, and delicious Japanese soufflé pancakes. You’ll discover an extensive selection of premium tea beverages here. They use ingredients, including matcha, a Japanese green tea powder imported for its high antioxidant content.
  • Miss Cheese Tea – You may get everyone’s favorite Taiwanese drink and Japanese treats like teriyaki and soufflés. Miss Cheese Tea has dairy-free options! They also serve Korean bingsoo, a milk-based shaved ice treats with toppings such as fruit, red beans, chocolate, or nuts.
  • Little Flower Candy Co. – The coffee, sandwiches, and candies are among the best! The cafe sells fresh ingredients like baking mixes, jellies, syrup, seasonings, and flour. Their full menu has numerous healthful options, including fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Carmela Ice Cream Co. – Their ever-evolving flavor profiles are influenced by garden-fresh ingredients such as spices, herbs, fruits, and flowers. They believe using garden-sourced products is essential to their food quality.
  • 21 Choices Frozen Yogurt – The delightful frozen yogurt flavors at 21 Choices are second to none. Fruits, pastries, nuts, and other sweets can be added to your froyo to make it uniquely your own.


International Cuisine You Should Not Miss

Pasadena offers various dining alternatives for those passionate about food, ranging from classic American to international cuisine and everything in between. Let’s take a tour of the top restaurants in the city that serve authentic dishes from around the world and learn more about the city’s varied culinary scene.

  • Maestro Restaurant – The famed Maestro Restaurant in Old Town Pasadena serves authentic Mexican meals. This award-winning restaurant’s elegant yet rustic setting, distinctive cocktails, and decadent desserts are foodies’ paradise. It is also highly regarded for the quality of its vegan options, which include a wide selection of plant-based cuisine that are both healthful and delicious.
  • Namaste Spiceland – Since 2017, Pasadena’s Namaste Spiceland has served authentic Indian food. The excellent food, pleasant atmosphere, and friendly service make it popular among locals.
  • Osawa – Osawa is a well-respected traditional Japanese restaurant known for its fantastic sushi and other authentic Japanese meals. They prepare their food using high-quality ingredients and traditional techniques by trained chefs.

Exploring new cuisines is a great way to enjoy time with your loved ones by sharing sensory adventures. It can also evoke creativity in the kitchen by exposing you to new food.


If you’re planning a vacation to Pasadena for the food, we hope this guide to the city’s most excellent cafés will help you get the most out of your time there. Feel free to call us with questions regarding Pasadena or the surrounding areas or visit this link for more details: