Otero Villas Tubac AZ for Sale

A Glimpse of Stunning Otero Villas Tubac AZ for Sale

The neighborhood of Otero Villas Tubac az for sale is an excellent place for homebuyers looking for affordable homes in Tubac, Arizona. Otero County homes for sale are best for solo-living individuals, small to mid-sized families, and even retirees. Otero homes offer ample space for the owners and their families to use while surrounded by a community of kind and welcoming people. Otero Villas has a healthy environment where everyone can live in delight. Otero Villas homes for sale have home sale prices running between $330,000 and $550,000, depending on the property’s attributes. The most common home configurations in Otero Villas are homes with two to three-bedroom layouts and two to three-bathroom arrangements. Regarding the total livable space, residences in Otero Villas usually offer at least 1,200 sqft to 6,400 sqft. The average lot size of homes in the neighborhood typically spans between 0.05 acres to as wide as 67 acres. Santa Fe, Spanish, and Southwestern architecture are the most prominent home styles offered by the Otero Villas real estate market.

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Otero County – A Charming Community in the City

Otero Villas Tubac az for sale exudes a small-town feel which attracts many homebuyers. The calming atmosphere is one of the best reasons why many interested purchasers explore the housing market in the area. The neighborhood is also family and child-friendly since they can play around the community’s common areas. In terms of property management, Otero Realty Apache Junction AZ is one of the sought-after property management companies in the area. They have a highly trained workforce committed to providing high-quality services to their clients. The prominent landmark in Otero County is the Tubac Golf Resort & Spa. Less than a mile from the residential area of Otero Villas is the famous Tubac Golf Resort & Spa. You won’t need to make any more excuses to take a quick getaway or a well-deserved week-long vacation since Tubac Golf Resort & Spa is just 4 minutes away from your home. Take a breather and enjoy some fantastic amenities and services the resort offers!

Discover and Explore: Otero Villas Tubac AZ for Sale

One of the great benefits of living in one of the stunning Otero Homes is the accessibility of the neighborhood. Otero Villas is conveniently located near Interstate 19, a major Arizona transportation route leading to various nearby cities. Multiple roads can be utilized when finding the Otero Villas. The Avenida de Otero outlines the western and northern sides of the charming Otero Villas Tubac az for sale neighborhood in Tubac, Arizona. Meanwhile, Elliot Street and Burruel Street define the community’s southern boundary. If you want to head beyond the immediate area, use the points of interest below as waypoints. Located on the northern side of Otero Villas is Tubac Golf Resort & Spa, just a few minutes’ walk from the neighborhood. Over in the south, the Tubac Golf Resort is only a half-mile away from the community. Some nearby schools include Sopori Elementary School, Coatimundi Middle School, and Rio Rico High School.

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