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The Waterfront Lifestyle of an Orleans Home

Several communities make up the vibrant state of Iowa, but if you seek a neighborhood that offers picturesque green landscapes and a wealth of real estate opportunities, Orleans Home is an attractive choice. This idyllic neighborhood provides a haven for those seeking a more relaxed way of life, with its peaceful ambiance, low population, and spacious homes. Nestled near the largest lake in Iowa, Orleans embodies a unique blend of petri dish community, rich culture, and countryside living. This small yet tightly-knit community fosters genuine care and camaraderie among its residents. Throughout the year, the town hosts a variety of engaging events and activities, including an enchanting autumn festival and a refreshing lake for summer swimming. Local stores offer delightful browsing experiences, while numerous dining establishments provide a delectable culinary journey. The warm and inviting atmosphere of Orleans facilitates the formation of new friendships, thanks to the friendly nature of its residents. Living in Orleans offers a delightful experience, characterized by its charming character and welcoming community. The residential areas are secure, complemented by an extensive network of public parks that provide an array of enjoyable options for recreation and relaxation.


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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home in Orleans

Here are a few things to remember while buying a property in the Iowa community of Orleans.

  • Cost of Living: Orleans, Iowa, is affordable. For individuals trying to cut costs, the price of living index is lower than the national average. Renters and homeowners can save money because housing expenses are lower than the national median. Grocery and transportation prices are also lower than the national average. Orleans, IA, offers a unique, cheap lifestyle.
  • Weather: Orleans is best in June, August, and September. Orleans has five pleasant months with 70-85° highs; the hottest month is July, with an average high of 84.0°, which is typical for Iowa. Orleans received 9.6 inches of snow in December. Though most of the year is dry, July is the most humid.
  • Minimal crime: Orleans, IA, has 10.1 violent crimes, compared to 22.7 nationwide. Orleans, IA, has a lower crime rate than the national average and has done an excellent job keeping its residents safe.
  • Job Opportunities: That increase in employment is a good sign for Orleans, with the city’s thriving economy and a growing number of visitors.


Big Spirit Lake, Iowa Real Estate Around the Orleans Homes

The Orleans Home properties currently available are listed below.

  • 13710 240th Ave: This five-bedroom, 3.5-bath historical home has plenty of elegance, classic room design, and space for all seasons! Beautiful, substantial lakeside deck! A total of one acre of property provides an excellent level of privacy. You’ll understand why it’s so beloved!
  • 13069 253rd Ave: Breathtaking lake views with incredible sunsets and a low walking approach to the lake. Lovely two-story townhome with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Beautiful open layout. One of the rare lakefront properties in a location with nature reserves across the street and bike trails.
  • 13724 Sunset Drive: This two-bedroom, one-bathroom year-round property is move-in ready and ideal for a new family. Located in a desirable area with a house with views of Big Spirit and is adjacent to Sunset Park and The Spillway, two public boat ramps. Having visitors in town is fine!


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