Houses For Sale In Maple Ridge Calgary For Golf Lovers

Houses for Sale in Maple Ridge Calgary

Located in the Greater Calgary Metropolitan Area, the Maple Ridge neighborhood is a community within the city of Calgary, Alberta. You can move to Houses For Sale In Maple Ridge Calgary, if you want to live in a place where it’s not busy all the time. There are parks nearby so people can play and relax. There are few cars in this part of the city, so it is quieter than in other places. Houses for sale in Maple Ridge Calgary, date from the 1960s to the 1970s. The high percentage of single-family dwellings is critical to this neighborhood’s character. Approximately 95% of the houses for sale in Maple Ridge Calgary in this neighborhood belong to owners. Meanwhile, many houses have at least four bedrooms if you need more space. In addition, the neighbors are nice. So, you will have some form of support in raising your family.

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Golfing Near Homes On Offer In Maple Ridge Calgary

Established in 1926, this course is one of the classic courses in Canada’s beautiful Fraser Valley. It sits on top of a hill right by the Fraser River. There was a family called the McIvors who lived in this place. But now, it has beautiful cedar and maple trees on rolling hills and boasts a peaceful atmosphere. In addition, It is a challenging golf course due to the undulating terrain of the Fraser Valley floor. There are many hills and sand traps on this golf course. You might have to use different clubs for elevation changes. So, the course will test any level of golfers. The course has three par-3 holes and six par-4 holes across 2,557 yards of fields. Locals can also use Maple Ridge Golf Course to celebrate birthdays and special occasions like holidays. It’s an extensive facility. So, you could invite as many as 100 people to your party. Guests can also get a seasonal pass to access the facilities and events throughout the year. So, golfers will enjoy living in homes for sale in Maple Ridge, Calgary.

Nearby Restaurants

Maple Ridge has many different types of food places where you can eat at. Various restaurants in Maple Ridge are waiting for people to come in and eat too. You can go somewhere where you can drink wine, and it’s romantic, or you could go somewhere where there will be lots of kids so your little sister or brother will have fun too. If you are looking for something fancy, you can go to Chameleon, where they have all kinds of high-end food. In addition, the atmosphere of the restaurant is as good as the food they serve. With vegan and gluten-free options available, there are many options on their menu for everyone. You might also be interested in Italian cuisine. Stop by the Il Corsaro Pasta bar that has been open for forty-two years. On the other hand, f you’re looking for some great live music and delicious food, stop by the Kingfishers Waterfront Bar & Grill. It is right on the edge of the Fraser River. So, it’s an excellent spot to have drinks while watching the sunset. Foodies will undoubtedly love Maple Ridge Calgary homes for sale for their proximity to these places.

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