Homes for Sale in Redbridge Tracy CA

Redbridge, Tracy, CA

Homes for sale in Redbridge, Tracy, CA, will give every family a new home to love and cherish. This residential area is a family-friendly, clean neighborhood on Tracy’s west side off Lammers Road. Redbridge is a new community yet probably the best-hidden gem in the city, featuring tree-lined lanes and a variety of wonderfully designed residences. Redbridge was created to be a replica of the neighborhoods constructed in the first half of the 20th century when the family and the home comprised the unmovable center of American life. That’s why homes for sale in Redbridge, Tracy, CA have neoclassical European and American architectural designs that are simple but brimming with custom details. This is the kind of neighborhood where you can get to know your neighbors. Families join together to watch movies in the park, listen to live music, and talk while they picnic on the grass in the open space. There is something for everyone in the Redbridge neighborhood, making it a wonderful place to call home no matter what stage of life you are in — whether you are starting a family, living independently, or enjoying your golden years.

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Redbridge Real Estate Information

The neighborhood of Redbridge was initially developed by Surland and then taken over by Standard Pacific and is considered one of the premier communities in Tracy, California. Homes for sale in Redbridge, Tracy, CA, were built in the early 2000s yet are kept in excellent condition and are amazingly spacious, providing homeowners with plenty of room for their various activities. Homes range in size from 1235 square feet to 3178 square feet, with a floor layout of two to five bedrooms and three to five bathroom configurations, while a two bed/two bath to just over 5,000 square feet in some of the luxurious estate homes. Red Bridge homes for sale that are perfect for families cost around $600,000 and up to $700,000. For homebuyers looking for much larger properties, you can find ones that cost $900,000 to more than $1 million. Homeowners can also convert their backyards into beautiful gardens, lawns, and outdoor patios and install swimming pools.

Lifestyle and Amenities in Homes for Sale in Redbridge Tracy CA

Besides the beautiful homes and clean environment that Redbridge Tracy, CA offers, it also boasts amenities and a wide array of activities that the residents enjoy within the neighborhood. The community has a proactive Home Owner’s Association and proud homeowners that played a significant part in this picture-perfect neighborhood’s holding its beauty. The Redbridge’s landscaped promenade, ideal for running, biking, or group walks after dusk, winds throughout the community. There are three parks in Redbridge, two of which have playgrounds and all of which have spacious green lawns bordered by trees for a picnic or a soccer match. It also has a resort-size community swimming pool and a unique general store that serves gourmet coffee drinks from SF Andytown Coffee Roasters. The Redbridge House, which homeowners may lease for private parties, serves as the venue for senior lunches and other engaging neighborhood activities. Purchasing Red Bridge homes for sale will never go wrong with these homes’ beautiful architecture and the amenities the neighborhood provides.

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