Foothill Terrace

Food, Nature, and Culture: A Guide to Foothill Terrace in San Mateo

Foothill Terrace is a neighborhood in San Mateo, California. Despite its peaceful reputation, its surrounding areas are brimming with life. The surrounding energy is partly from a bustling food scene. Let’s look at some of the restaurants serving mouthwatering food in San Mateo.

Me So Hungry Too: This food truck serves burgers and other American fares. Their menu includes burgers with unique toppings like a Banh Mi Burger and a Korean BBQ Burger. Some popular dishes include the Dragon Special Roll, Seafood Ramen, and Plain Ramen.

Little Lucca: Renowned for their sumptuous sandwiches, this deli boasts popular picks. Try out their pastrami sandwich and the blue and provolone cheeseburger. Enjoy the convenience of takeout and its delivery services.

Chibog: This restaurant serves Filipino food. Some of their most popular dishes include pork sisig and lechon kawali. Customers have also enjoyed their lumpia and adobo. They offer takeout and delivery options.


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Things To See From Foothill Terrace

If you want to take time to digest after your feast or exercise, there are many places to visit near Foothill Terrace. Get your walking shoes ready for walking and your eyes for awe-inspiring views.

San Mateo Japanese Garden: With its tranquil atmosphere, this exquisite garden is the perfect place to relax. Taking cues from Japanese traditionalism, the garden includes charming ponds, bridges, and a teahouse, offering an immersive experience.

Crystal Springs Regional Trail: This trail is part of the larger Bay Area Ridge Trail system. It offers over 15 miles of scenic recreational trails. It passes through several parks and preserves, including San Andreas Lake, Sawyer Camp Trail, and the Filoli Estate. Ideal for hiking, biking, and equestrian activities, the trail offers a fun experience.

Pulgas Water Temple: In the 1930s, this captivating destination was constructed to celebrate the construction of San Mateo’s most extensive aqueduct system. The temple’s gardens and still waters make it a stunning view to behold.

Coyote Point Recreation Area: This park’s range of recreational opportunities is diverse. Enjoy an outdoor excursion by hiking, followed by a pleasant picnic, then take a refreshing swim. You can also visit a museum honoring aviation’s legacy.


Must-Do Foothill Terrace Activities

Foothill Terrace offers much more than natural beauty. Be sure to include these highly-recommended experiences in your plans:

San Mateo County History Museum: Embark on an awe-inspiring journey through time at this museum. A treasure trove of historical exhibits, rare artifacts, and interactive displays unveil the captivating narrative of the region’s diverse past.

CuriOdyssey Museum: Satisfy your scientific curiosity by visiting this museum and diving into the mesmerizing wildlife it contains. Boundless wonders abound in the form of engaging, hands-on exhibits, and live animal showcases are available here. They feature an array of captivating critters, including playful river otters, sly bobcats, and mischievous raccoons.

Peninsula Ballet Theatre: Surrender yourself to the enthralling charm of the performing arts and indulge your artistic sensibilities at this theatre. It’s a venerable local institution that has graced the San Mateo community with its spellbinding performances. It serves as an intimate venue to marvel at the skillful performances of talented artists.

Peninsula Golf and Country Club: Tee off on a captivating golfing adventure that will test your skills and awe you with spectacular ocean views. This legendary course is renowned for its challenging layout and scenic panoramas that have attracted seasoned golfers and professionals.


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