Daytona Beach Cost of Living

Surfboards to Savings: Navigating The Daytona Beach Cost of Living

Daytona Beach, Florida, obtained a cost of living index rating just a bit higher than the national average at 101. But hold on to your flip-flops and reserve your judgment for later! The median home price in “the most famous beach” is about $200K. That’s an eye-popping $100K less compared to the national average! The cost of living in Daytona Beach is also 3% lower than the US average. This is good news for home buyers trying to save some Benjamins. Utilities are more expensive. But essentials like food and clothing are around 3% cheaper than the rest of the country! Compared to other beach towns, the Daytona Beach cost of living is often more affordable! South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is an example. It’s 0.8% more expensive than Daytona Beach. And housing prices are an eye-popping 12.4% higher! Daytona Beach is fantastic for a relaxed beach vibe without breaking the bank!


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Working Around Living Costs In Daytona Beach

Living the Daytona Beach life on a budget is possible with its lower cost of living and affordable housing options. Here are some tips and techniques for saving cash while enjoying Daytona Beach’s attractions and amenities.

Tips and Tricks for saving money:

  • Shop at the local farmer’s market for fresh and affordable produce.
  • Use public modes of transportation to get around the city. The Votran bus service offers affordable fares and frequent routes.
  • Take advantage of happy hour deals at local restaurants and bars.

Free or low-cost activities in Daytona Beach:

  • Daytona Beach offers around 23 miles of white sand and is free to access.
  • Visit the Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier, which has free admission and provides a variety of shops, restaurants, and arcades.
  • Explore the old-world charm of the historic downtown district on foot, admiring its breathtaking architecture along the way.
  • Wander the corridors of the local art galleries and museums and discover something new. Entry to the Museum of Arts and Sciences is complimentary on select dates of each month.

By following these tricks and taking advantage of free or low-cost activities, you can live the Daytona Beach life on a budget without sacrificing fun or relaxation.


Affording The Daytona Living Costs

Daytona Beach is becoming more than a tourist attraction for many locals. It is a bustling city witnessing an exponential boom in its job market. There’s a rapid growth rate in various sectors, including healthcare and hospitality. These developments create job opportunities for locals to afford their lifestyle. This upswing is an optimistic sign for those who reside and work in Daytona Beach that there’s a better tomorrow. The area’s residents typically make an average annual salary of $18,378. Despite being lower than the national average, the affordable cost of living in the area bridges the gap quite effectively. The area also grants several opportunities for businesses interested in exploring prospects. Daytona Beach promises a lot to entrepreneurs and job seekers with various pro-business initiatives. The Economic Development Department offers support and resources to enhance the growth and sustainability of different business clusters. This initiative brings more vibrancy to the already flourishing economy. With Daytona Beach on the rise, it’s an excellent time to join the upward trajectory.


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