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Overview and Utilization of Bend, OR Zip Code

Nestled in the picturesque Deschutes County, Bend is a sought-after city among homebuyers in the country, widely recognized as one of the best places to reside, work, and explore. The region seamlessly combines urban sophistication with a wide range of outdoor adventures, ensuring that even the most restless individuals are continuously entertained no matter the neighborhood. Indeed, Bend has something to offer regardless of where you are in Bend, but searching for a neighborhood that fits your budget and lifestyle can be overwhelming if you are moving within the city. But don’t worry; you can utilize the Bend Oregon zip code to narrow your search and make your home searching process much more manageable. Bend’s size is big and was divided into various distinct zip codes. Familiarizing yourself with the Bend Oregon zip code is crucial, as it will serve as a valuable tool for acquiring knowledge about a city, its neighborhoods, amenities it provides, your workplace, or potential real estate investments. By utilizing the zip code, one can easily access essential information and better understand the various aspects contributing to each Bend neighborhood’s unique character.


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Overview of Bend Oregon Zip Codes

Bend Oregon zip code is divided into 12, each covering different neighborhoods, conveniences, and amenities. 97701 covers the northeast and southeast of Bend, including downtown, offering urban amenities and outdoor activities. 97702 is known for family-friendly neighborhoods, parks, and proximity to medical facilities. 97703 covers the northwest of Bend, featuring upscale neighborhoods with stunning mountain views. 97707 includes the southern area, known for golf courses, hiking trails, and access to the Deschutes River. 97730 covers Camp Sherman, offering a quiet and scenic setting along the Metolius River. 97734 is in northeast Bend, known for its rural charm and access to outdoor recreation. 97739, or La Pine, is known for its small-town atmosphere and proximity to outdoor activities. 97753 covers Powell Butte, east of Bend, known for its scenic landscapes, ranches, and equestrian facilities. 97754 covers Prineville, featuring rural and suburban living and access to recreational opportunities. 97756, or Redmond, features a vibrant downtown area with access to many amenities and outdoor recreation. 97759 covers the town of Sisters, renowned for its charming downtown area, art galleries, and proximity to outdoor adventures. 97760, or Terrebonne, is known for its scenic beauty and is an ideal place for rock climbers and hikers.


Bend, Oregon Real Estate Information

Each zip code in the Bend area offers a wide array of properties, from single and multi-family homes to condos, townhouses, to luxury homes. Home prices vary depending on the neighborhood, but to give you an estimate, homes for sale in Bend, OR, range from $600K to a whopping $127 million. You will find one-story or two-story homes in Bend, with several properties usually having 1-8 beds and baths, with living areas ranging from 300 sq. ft. to 18,000 sq. ft. Homes for sale in Bend, Oregon typically offer stunning mountain views, outdoor living spaces, energy-efficient features, open floor plans, natural materials, ample natural light, modern amenities, proximity to nature, storage and garage space, and landscaped yards. These features cater to Bend’s unique lifestyle, emphasizing outdoor activities, sustainability, and a connection to the region’s natural beauty. Note that the price, features, and size of homes can vary significantly across different neighborhoods in Bend, and utilizing the Bend Oregon zip code will help you navigate the market and find the community that best suits your needs and preferences.


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